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Workiva Services

Powering Workiva to work for you


Automated Controls Monitoring

  • Automate IT, Finance, Application, and Cyber controls

  • Workflow business tasks

  • Real-time monitoring of business responsibilities and tasks

  • Automate tasks and alerts per business requirements

  • Customize dashboard reporting for executive management oversight


SOX/Audit/ERM Implementations

  • Customize Workiva SOX/Audit/ERM products based on customer requirements

  • Workflow audit request and control test

  • Integrate risk and control reporting throughout the application

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ESG Implementations

  • Customized Workiva implementation based on best practices, goals, and requirements

  • Data integration of key data systems and data sets

  • ESG data analytics to help identify trends, automate reporting, and notify the business  of supporting strategies


Data Integrations

  • Enable 3rd party application connection leveraging WData and Scripting

  • Automate the workflow of data sets to spreadsheets, presentations, and reports

  • Interface Workiva data to outside data warehouses


Wdata and Chains Support

  • ​Table and Query Support

  • Chains Support

  • Scripting Support

  • Data Connection Support

  • Managed services as needed

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Dashboards and Reporting

  • Develop executive-level dashboarding for business insight

  • Automate key report generation and reduce manual reporting efforts

  • Integrate dashboarding and reporting throughout all Workiva modules and data sets

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