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Automation of Accounting Processes

Increase the efficiency of your accounting and finance teams

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Automate Reconciliations

  • We can accelerate and streamline the gathering and summarization of data

  • Automate identification of reconciling items

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Anomaly Detection & Flux Analysis

  • Create algorithms to detect inconsistent patterns against historic norms

  • Detect and calculate variances to budget and/or forecast

  • Identify transactional outliers

Data Cloud

3rd Party Integration Support

  • Integrate with 3rd Party applications (e.g. Blackline)

  • Extract data from cloud-based and on-premises systems


Efficient Close Processes

  • We can automate fixed asset and other monthly roll-forwards

  • Streamline data aggregations for all redundant close functions

  • Automate journal entry review & approval using AI

Accounting Documents

Auto JE Creation - Park & Post

  • Create Journal Entries based off system data

  • Automatically park and/or post into ERP system

Market Analysis

Deep Data Reporting

  • We can harness complex and disparate sources of data

  • Produce data visualizations for your executive team

  • Analyze financial operating results on the fly

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