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Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)

Automate the monitoring of controls in real-time

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  • Streamline the termination of user access privileges

  • Monitor business responsiveness to terminating employees

  • Workflow of tasking and alerts to management for approvals/sign-off

  • Develop operational dashboard to measure IT response against policies

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3-Way Matching

  • Identify variances between PO pricing, receipt quantity and invoice amount

  • Alert business of variances for resolution

  • Categorize variances by risk for prioritization

  • Substantiate accrued liability for accuracy as part of month-end closing processes

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Journal Entries

  • Identify abnormal JE’s for review.

  • Alert management to high-risk entries for approval.

  • Confirm completeness of reversing entries

  • Identify JE's that were approved by the same person who posted the JE

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  • Automate management’s month-end review processes

  • Evaluate timeliness of management reviews of reconciliations

  • Workflow management’s review notes through alerts and notifications

  • Proactively monitor entries based on business thresholds to enhance productivity

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SoD Disparate Systems

  • Perform SoD analysis between disparate systems

  • Alert management through workflows for mitigating control evaluation

  • Monitor transactions for small departments to evaluate posting activities


3rd Party Vendor Risk

  • Identify the population of vendors for review

  • Monitor for contracts that are coming up for renewal

  • Develop operational dashboard to monitor SLAs and KPIs

  • Alert management to past due compliance tasks and documentation

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